Ron Davis OE type performance upgrade radiators not only have been designed for extreme track days, but also the performance-enhanced daily drive. Ron Davis has been responsible for protecting racing engines from the damaging effects of overheating in some of the most advanced race cars in the world. Our OE type performance radiators are bred from our racing experience. Assembled with the same materials, technology and craftsman that build our racing radiators, ensures you are getting the best of the best in cooling performance.

Engines are expensive and the sales staff at Ron Davis are knowledgeable about horsepower upgrades and the increase in heat dissipation required by the cooling system. Many things can be overlooked, but our staff has been personally trained by Ron Davis and can assure  you that you are getting the right amount of cooling protection your engine needs.

Ron Davis performance upgrade radiators pack more cooling into the OEM radiator space. Most installs will drop in, a few models will require some modifications— our staff will let you know so there are no surprises.

All our factory fit performance upgrade radiators feature race car-styled hand formed tanks with aircraft grade CNC machined aluminum connections; TIG welded by hand to a controlled atmosphere brazed core ensures unsurpassed quality and performance. Every factory fit radiator is pressure tested and visually inspected before packaging.

Living in the desert gives Ron Davis a big advantage. Ron Davis Racing Products is located in the southwest desert where daily summer temperatures can reach 110 to 120 degrees. It takes an aggressive approach to removing enough heat to cool high performance vehicles; most with the A/C on in the harsh desert climate, and we do it every day.