Can I buy directly from Ron Davis?

Yes you can, browse our website and call us if you have any questions or concerns at (800) 842-5166, Monday – Friday between 8 am – 4:30 pm MST.

Are Ron Davis radiators only for racing use?

Our Factory Fit radiators have been developed for street use, with performance and durability suited for track days. Our radiators have a robust design that controls hi-performance engine temperatures in both applications.

Are modifications needed to install a Ron Davis hi-performance radiator?

For most applications our radiators directly bolt in. Some engine compartments are stuffed full at the factory, in these cases minor modifications maybe necessary to install our hi-performance radiator in the OE location, we’ll let you know.

I don’t see a radiator for my car on the Ron Davis Racing Products website. Do you make one made for my car?

We are adding part numbers with pictures to our website each month. We have 8000 plus radiator drawings on file, call our staff at (800) 842-5166 they will be happy to help you.

Can Ron Davis Racing Products build a radiator for my custom application?

Yes we can. Ron Davis Racing Products is the premier custom radiator manufacture in the US. We can build from a drawing or an old radiator used as a pattern.

What makes Ron Davis Racing Products radiators better than those offered by other manufacturers?

One word “performance”. Our radiators and system designs enhance airside and coolant flows to maximize heat rejection. What that means is our radiators transfer more heat out of the cooling system to easily control engine temperatures in big horsepower or tough cooling applications. Price driven high volume manufactures will not invest the time or expense that Ron Davis Racing Products does to provide the customer with the best cooling radiator on the market today.

How much cooler will my engine temperature be by using a Ron Davis Radiator?

The exact amount of temperature improvement depends on many factors, so we can’t make any guarantees. Many of our customers report back a substantial difference in cooling performance…for example, “After two years and two other brands of radiators, I put in a Ron Davis radiator in my car and now I can drive it without overheating, thank you Ron Davis Racing Products!” and “it not only fit perfectly and looks beautiful it cools, better than I expected.” We’re not bragging they’re facts.

What is Ron Davis Racing Products warranty?

Ron Davis Racing Products warranty is 90 days for workmanship and materials. Racing radiators do not carry a warranty. More details can be found on our warranty page.

Have more questions regarding Ron Davis Racing Products radiators?

Our great staff will answer all your questions, just call (800) 842-5166 between 8 am – 4:30 pm MST Monday – Friday.